Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a "hidden-city" flight?
  2. Why are flight prices sometimes more expensive than listed?
  3. Why don't I see any search results?
  4. How can I contact Skiplagged?

What is a "hidden-city" flight?

A hidden-city flight is a flight where you get off at the layover rather than the final destination. For example, a flight from New York to San Francisco might be $300, but a similar flight from New York to Seattle with a layover in San Francisco might be $200. If you’re going to San Francisco we’ll show you both flights, and if you choose the cheaper one, you get off the plane at the layover (San Francisco) rather than going to the final destination (Seattle).

This is perfectly legal and the savings can be significant, but there are some things to be aware of:

  • Don't check bags — If you check bags, they'll end up at the final destination. Carry-ons are fine, but get there a bit early to ensure cabin space.

  • Bring your passport for international flights (even if you're not going all the way to the final destination). Some carriers require a passport to board the plane.

  • You may need a visa for international flights. This depends on the country that's the final destination. In some cases all you need is a passport, but you may also need a visa for some countries.

  • Don't associate a frequent flyer account — If you do, the airline might invalidate any miles you've accrued with them.

  • Some airlines may require proof of a return ticket during check-in. If this happens to you, just buy a regular return ticket and cancel it within 24 hours of purchase.

  • In rare times of irregular operations such as bad weather, your itinerary may change at the discretion of the airline (2% chance).

  • You might upset the airline.

Why are flight prices sometimes more expensive than listed?

Our quoted prices are usually available somewhere, but certain flights may require more research than others. If you can't directly book the flight you want, there are a few things you can try:

  • Try directly booking on the airline's website.

  • Try looking for a matching itinerary on other travel sites — sometimes airlines expose fares to different sites that are different than those available on their own website.

  • Try calling the airline.

Why don't I see any search results?

First, make sure your travel dates are valid — searching for flights in the past won't work since you can't book a flight that's already happened!

Also: during times of high load, our website search may be unavailable. Try the app for iOS or Android and see if that fixes it for you!

How can I contact Skiplagged?

You can reach us at Answers to additional frequently asked questions are available here. Regarding booked flights or hotels:

  • if you booked a flight directly with an airline, speak with the airline directly. (Just don't mention hidden-city ticketing or they might not help you!).

  • if you booked a flight through one of our partners, speak with them.

  • for hotel bookings, email us with your booking email and Trip Number.